Week 3 - Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We head further east, stopping in Idaho Falls for lunch, and then on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, before turning north again for Grand Teton National Park.

Overlooking Jackson Hole from the top of a pass in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. We are in Wyoming again. The arch of elk antlers - a ubiquitous image in the town of Jackson.
Off to one side of the town is a wetlands area that stretches for many miles. Heading up toward big mountains again - the Grand Teton range. Once again, we are back in the Rocky Mountains, crossing and recrossing the Continental Divide.
West Thumb geyser basin, on the south end of the park, adjacent to Yellowstone Lake. This is a nice area with lots of hot springs and geysers. It is surrounded by a boardwalk to protect the area, and there is a shorter and a longer loop for walkers.
Statue of a frontiersman, staring off into the distance. Storm clouds are gathering, but we didn't get much rain. View of a raging creek in a rest area barely in Montana. This is somewhere in the Gallatin National Forest on US highway 89, heading north from Yellowstone.
A view showing more of the creek and the look out leading down to the water. The Absaroka Range, with 10,921 foot tall Emigrant Peak.
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More Pictures

Grand Tetons National Park

Most southern geyser basin in Yellowstone.

Old Faithful getting ready to do its thing. Then my camera battery died :(

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