Week 2 and a half - Craters of the Moon and Boise and Targhee National Forests

Monday, June 17 through Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After leaving Boise, we headed back east with our ultimate goal Yellowstone National Park.

A stream in the Boise National Forest Our space at Pine Flats Campground in Boise NF. It was a very quiet, secluded place and the water was fantastic.
Heading down the back side of the mountains and out on to the plains. Wetlands preservation - a joint project between BLM, private land owners, and conservation groups.
Steve overlooking the wetlands valley. Craters of the Moon National Monument is a lava flow area caused by a rift in the earth. It is over 50 miles long.
Even though there is little soil in this wind-swept barren area, a few wild flowers manage to grow. The area reminds me of the malpais outside of Carizozo, except that it seems to go on forever.

Alaska Next week

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